Tora Wooden Close up Case

Tora Wooden Close up Case


Feel its mystical magic.

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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

A Functional Magician’s Carrying Case that makes you look and be Professional!


Why stuff decks of cards in your pockets, or other magic props in a tote bag, etc.? Why fumble around for the particular gimmick you need when you can store it in a certain area of your case every time?
And, this beautiful wooden case has dividers to help you organize your magic. Perhaps trick decks in one section, regular decks in another? Ropes, coins, etc. And when the case is closed, it provides a perfect close-up space for performing card tricks or coin tricks!
Made of quality material.

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Weight 1.45 kg
Dimensions 42 × 6 × 32 cm