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Welcome to Tora Magic; offering honest advice, support and stock availability – if it says “In Stock” – then it’s on our shelves just waiting to be shipped!

For the past twenty-five years the Tora Magic Company has specialized in performing, designing, and manufacturing the finest in magical effects.Our reputation for quality has earned us the respect of magicians and magic companies around the world.After long experience as a performer in search of quality material, Hossein Aminipour founded the Tora Magic Company ,giving it his performing name, “Tora”. The Tora Magic Company has combined his years of design and manufacturing experience with the skills of other expert performers and builders to produce the highest quality magic. This expertise shows in stunningly beautiful props and astounding magical effects!

Members of the Tora Magic Company team travel to many of the world’s magic conventions to insure that they integrate the latest in magical methods and performance styles. From improved classic effects to cutting edge illusions, Tora Magic provides busy professionals with superb magic. Today, the Tora Magic Company proudly sees our products filling the stages of magicians across the globe, delighting audiences everywhere!We also maintain full production capabilities to help design and produce the original creations of our customers. Please contact us for the best in design, materials, manufacturing, packing, and shipping of your magical inventions. We are also proud to provide continuing expert customer service.

Owing to designing and making alot of magic products,Tora Magic Company is able to supply your orders even in large numbers. If you have even particular items for making,we are also quite ready to make them in the best quality and the most appropriate prices.So when you buy from us once,we are sure that you will be our constant customers.Besides,it is necessary to mention here that the Flower Items of this company are really unique in themselves.Therefore,Tora Magic Company is so interested in developing its worldwide communications with magic stores and magicians in introducing and selling magic products. We will be so content to inaugurate akin affinity with you in the very near future.At length,we will be happy to have your comments and suggestions on our magic products too.

The responsible manager : Mr. TORA AMINI POUR

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