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Wooden Disappearing Dice

Wooden Disappearing Dice


disappear a big black die

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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

The performer picks a big black die (9 x 9-inches) up from its base and turns it around showing all its sides. A wood box with clear plastic windows is placed over the jumbo black die. The
audience can still clearly see the die through the windows.
A foulard is draped over the top, hiding the die. 1-2-3-BOOM! The performer quickly removes the foulard. The jumbo black die has vanished! In its place are now two doves, or a bunny or any other small animal!
Very easy to perform.
Attention to details is present even down to the base which is lined in black vinyl allowing for non-staining and easy and quick clean up for your animals that have a sudden case of stage fright or pre-show jitters!




Wooden Disappearing Dice

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 26 × 26 cm