Fire in Hand

Fire in Hand


He sprinkled her soul with the magic power.

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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

Charmness and mystery got together to simply bursting minds.

Tora magic company introduces one of its greatest items in 2006, which has been made with high quality and concentration. At first , show a frame completely empty to audience. Put your hand inside it. Show it again to make them assured every thing is ok about it. Then, stare at the frame. All of a sudden, every one surprises when see your hand start flaming just with your gaze. The fire becomes silent whenever you wish. You can fire your hand several times in one performance. At the end,the audience becomes more shocked when see your hand is completely safe .It is easy to do and can be performed any where.

You don’t want to miss the video.

Fire in Hand

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