Fire and Silk Box

Fire and Silk Box


Legend tells it that it was the wild silk dance over fire flames that miraculously put spells on one’s minds.

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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

Aspired for an excellent potential to astound your audience? Then you are definitely on the right spot

Wonder how it works?

The magician shows the box empty to the audiences and with his glance it suddenly bursts into flames but the flames immediately vanish. (You can keep the flames as long as you wish). The magician then shows the box empty to the audiences again, and he makes a very big silk appear from the box. He passes the corners of the silk from the holes, which can be seen on the sides of the box.

This action is clearly done in front of the audiences so they can see what is happening. Everybody sees that the silk has been passed from the holes, and instantaneously, with the magician’s glance, both the silk and the box will be on fire, audiences see the burning silk …… the fire vanishes again¬† but the silk has not been damaged.

Ain’t that sound amazing?



fire and silk box

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