Asrah Levitation and Vanish


Asrah Levitation and Vanish

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His healing magic mystifyingly calm her soul.

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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

Breathtaking nonfictional perception of magic to touch the hearts and minds.

Your audience will be stunned by the mysterious disappearance of your lady assistant.
First the lady is covered by a foulard, then begins to float vertically and then horizontally.
The performer’s hands are free and the lady floated into the air. Suddenly she vanishes into thin air….
Note: Every part of this item can be transported very easily by performer in a small suitcase.
This effect can be performed in many different types of venues: Ballroom, Living-room, or even on Stage.

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Asrah Levitation and Vanish

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Dimensions 200 × 60 × 70 cm