Tora Wonderful Box


Tora Wonderful Box


Special magic held in this mystery box.

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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

Tora Wonderful Box will leave your audience shocked and amazed!


This product allows the magician to place an alive dove inside a box and set it on fire, but that’s not all….
Then you insert 5 Spikes into the side of the box and remove the back to show that the dove has disappeared and that the Spikes go through completely!
Your audience can clearly see that the box is empty!
Then with the removal of Spikes and wave of a hand… Magically, the dove comes out of the box!!!

Don’t Hesitate to watch the video to discover more about this precious piece of art.

Tora Wonderful Box

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 16 × 16 cm