Smart Bill

Smart Bill


Print Money in Your Bare Hands – 2 Visible Changes – 2000+ Bible Verses About Money

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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

Instantly print money in your bare hands. Blank paper visibly transforms into a bundle of 500 Euros, and then into a stack of £50 banknotes! Two startling transformations. Money magic doesn’t get any more impressive or easier. Who needs a central bank or bureau de change when you can magically print any currency you want?

Smart Bill by TORA Magic is amazing to watch and simple to do, thanks to the cleverly gimmicked prop that does all the work for you. If you can hold a bundle of paper, you can perform this effect. And with TORA Magic you know the quality is built-in.

This is what your audience sees. A bundle of white paper is shown on both sides. A quick shake and they visibly change into €500 banknotes. The bundle is riffled through, showing every single sheet has changed into Euros. But wait, we’re in the UK. Another shake and the Euros turn to a bundle of £50 pounds notes. Flicking through the bundle proves that every single bill is now a £50. 


“Show me the money!”

Money magic is guaranteed to grab people’s attention. At some point, everyone has dreamed of turning pieces of paper into real money. If a magician could perform real magic, this is what they’d do. An audience pleasing effect for magicians, and an invaluable illustration for church workers. 

God has plenty to say about wealth and giving, and this effect can illustrate them all. The Bible contains 500+ verses on prayer and faith, but well over 2,000 verses on money. 40% of Jesus’ parables deal with money. One of the most famous (and misquoted) verses in the Bible is ‘For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.’ 1 Tim 6:10. There is no shortage of opportunities for Smart Bill to be in your services, talks and ministry.

Smart Bill can be performed to the largest of audiences, presented to smaller groups and used for table hopping and walk around. Quick set up, self-working and small enough to carry in your jacket pocket. What’s not to love?

Add some kerching to your next show with Smart Bill.

Comes complete with: €500 Euro and £50 version of Smart Bill, built-in gimmicks and a link to online video instructions which shows the handling.







Smart Bill

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