Rainbow Champagne Bottles (10 Bottle Set)

Rainbow Champagne Bottles (10 Bottle Set)


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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

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10 Professional Bottles – 2 Metal High Quality Tubes – Wood Box Container *

A brilliantly painted set of multiplying bottles the types of which magicians of the past could only dream about.  The vivid colors combined with the non-alcoholic contemporary labels makes this set a definite contender for any perform that works family entertainment and children’s shows.

Just one comedy routine that came immediately to my mind as I write this copy that is geared to kid’s would be the importance of getting one’s daily allowance of Vitamin C, something that seems easy to do at first until bottle after bottle continues to be produced! Mom said I had to drink at least half of each bottle to get my allowance but first there was one and in the end 10 bottles appear!  Half of each bottle – would be Five full bottles of juice each day!

Make no mistake as the image shows, we personally looked at this product and can attest it is high quality all the way.  While it is impossible to always take original images, we do our best to do just that so we can get an idea of the quality and you can get an idea of what the product really looks like, instead of a commercialize image of it.  A lot of time and energy goes into this process but we think you’re worth it!

  • Important Note: The wooden packing container is BONUS. It is not factored in any way with respect to the price of the product.  The purpose of the the wood packaging box serve as additional support during the shipping process. This case is not intended to be a permanent storage or transport unit for product.






Rainbow Champagne Bottles

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