Square Magic Table (High Gloss Color)

Square Magic Table (High Gloss Color)


Mystery touch the magical table.

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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

Have you ever arrived at the venue – and there’s no sufficient working space available? Here’s the solution – bring your own, large FOLDING table with you! This PORTABLE Magic Table is a LIFE SAVER in such situations. It provides you with ample room to perform your magic and astonish your audience. It is thin, thereby preventing spectator thoughts of, “”You’re hiding something behind (or underneath) the table!”” It’s just YOU and your magical miracles!
Available in either a circular or square shape – or get BOTH designs of the Magic Table and WOW your audiences!
– Fully foldable
– Easy to carry

Dimensions :
Square table :50*35*70 Cm

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