Increasing of pocket watches

Increasing of pocket watches


Mystery miraculously fallen down on earth.

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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

Beyond imaginary charmeness and out of this world beauty that will steal hearts away.


The magician wearing black gloves comes onto the stage and displays his hands empty from both sides to the audience. He then picks up a big pocket watch and displays it to the spectator. All of a sudden, the audience sees amazingly that one watch is changed to two watches and to three watches and so on. The watches are hung from the magician’s fingers by means of their rings linked at the top. The watches increase and the magician may appear them from everywhere he wants, 5 watches, 10 watches, 15 watches and… Each set contains 5 watches. The watches are made perfectly and possess high quality and beauty; several performances can be done with this marvelous item.
Parts: Watches-Rings-Gloves

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Increasing of pocket watches

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