Cube-Die to Cylinder


“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

  • Tora Cube Die to Cylinder A large black die is shown and placed on a square wooden base. It is then covered with a square container. A colorful metal is now shown and placed on top of the die in the container. After some by-play, the metal tube is slowly pushed into the container, apparently into the die! Muttering (these are Tora’s instructions; you don’t need to mutter if do a more of a sophisticated act) some magic words, the performer now removes the container and only the round metal tube is seen. He now lifts up the tube to reveal a cylindrical die ….. the square die has been transformed into a cylindrical one! This is a very effective presentation, as the spectator’s are unsure, exactly, what they will see, and they are seldom ready for the transformation, which always takes them by surprise.  The effect is quite mystifying as the large square die has completely vanished and changed into a cylindrical one



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