Tora Rubik and Silk Transpo

Tora Rubik and Silk Transpo


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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

The magician puts a Rubik cube 4.75 inchs (12 square centimeter) inside a small box and passes a small magic wand through a bigger box, lays some colorful silks on the wand and closes the doors of the bigger box.
After he opens the door of small box, the Rubik Cube is vanished and changed into colorful silks.
Now, he opens the bigger box, amazingly the Rubik Cube is appeared inside and the silks are vanished!

The Rubik and silks are transposed!

This item includes a bigger box with two doors in front and two doors in back which is used for appearing the Rubik, a small box special for vanishing Rubik, two Rubiks, one for appearing and one for vanishing. Also includes a wand and six silks.


Tora Rubik and Silk Transpo

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