Magic Crystal Cube 4


Magic Crystal Cube 4

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Unseeable touch of magic over a mysterious box.

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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

This is a fantastic new routine with many cool twists and turns.


The magician shows a transparent cube with a silk inside. The silk is magically is withdrawn from the cube. The silk is then vanished by the magician, and instantly a flower of the same color of the silk, visibly appears inside the cube. The cube is then put inside a box and when it is taken out, it has changed into a large die! The large die is now put inside the empty box, that is closed with a lid. Another magical gesture, and the die changes into a Rubik cube!
Visual magic with may climaxes!

• The silk and the gimmick to make it disappear are not included.
• The box, closed with its cover, measures cm 12 (4,72”) x 13 (5,11”) x 13 (5,11”).
• The instruction are supplied as a practical DVD. They are not spoken and completely visual. This makes them very easy to follow regardless of the nationality of the buyer.

You don’t want to miss the video.

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Weight 0.77 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 12 cm