Flower Pots from Cape *3 Flower Pots


Flower Pots from Cape *3 Flower Pots

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The warmth of his magic healed her soul.

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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

Factual sense of magic to touch the hearts.


You can produce four big flower pots from an empty cape. This item includes a cape, four big flower pots (it depends on your request) and each flower pot is made of forty two beautiful blooms. The magician enters to the stage wearing a cape. He displays the cape from every side. He puts off the cape and again displays it empty to the audience. After wearing it again, he moves the cape and appears a huge flower pot from the cape. He continues to appear one more flower pot and again another one till three flower pots are produced.

You don’t want to miss the video.

Flower Pots from Cape *4 Flower Pots

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Dimensions 80 × 80 × 63 cm