Colorful Silks and Umbrellas

Colorful Silks and Umbrellas


In the fairytale of silk and umbrella magic is destined to unfold in the most memorable way.

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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

A wonderful and amazing item in magic world! You will leave your audience bewildered.


The magician displays two silks to the audience, one in red and the other in white . Then he gathers the silks in his hand. Suddenly two silks change to a red and white silk. Again he puts the silk in his hand and appears two red and white umbrellas. What wonderful! The umbrellas will be opened as
they appear. The item contains one red silk, one white silk, one red & white silk and two automatic umbrellas.

Size of Silks : 55 x 55 CM
Size of Umbrella : 65*34 CM

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Colorful Silks and Umbrellas

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