4 Silks, 4 Umbrellas

4 Silks, 4 Umbrellas


The mystifying silk constantly carving magic out of breezy air.

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“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”

Aw-inspiring mystery mapped for a breathtaking magical moment .


A Blue, Yellow, Red and Green silks are on the table. The magician displays the blue silk hanging from his hand and wonderfully appears a blue umbrella from under it. This is repeated for the Yellow, Red, and Green silk appearing the same color umbrella. A very nice looking prop that may be performed impromptu anywhere at a moments notice. The quality of the silks and umbrellas is unique.

Dimensions :
silk :55*55 Cm
Umbrella :65*34 Cm

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4 Silks, 4 Umbrellas

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